KMIS reflections about the Livestock Exchange

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What we did:

What we learnt:

What we should mention in the blog post:

Results from KMIS ADDIS after action review:

Lessons learnt

What was good:

  • Good engagement – difficult to ;
  • 30-min breaks are great;
  • Get crowd managers to push and shove folks into the tents;
  • Great mesheta and all social events were good;
  • Hard seat interviews were good;
  • Issue briefs were well organised;
  • Everyone helped when they could;
  • Tweeting and Yammering, blogging went well;

What will we do differently?

  • Marketplace disorganised:
    • PC to do live demo: comms clinic;
    • Invest in good quality poster boards;
    • Wind screening solution: tents with walls;
    • Buy better stands;
    • Take responsibility for your own stand: collect all the stuff we displayed;
    • Tidy up the marketplace after it happened;
    • Prepare information about the stands;
  • Plan printing out (purchasing toner early upfront) / speakers;
  • Communication among ourselves – organise a weekly email (or wiki page) about what’s going on on various fronts;
  • Update the wiki properly: update a) logistics b) process and c) content;
  • Organise an AAR with all parties involved;
  • Instruct presenters on the type of presentations they’re preparing;
  • Prepare group of reporters / train them?
  • Prepare generic guidelines for social reporting and for preparing presentations?
  • Ask speakers to test out and time the presentations;
  • Use the yellow/red card signs for time management;
  • Communicate to logistical team the exact times for each session to make sure they have people on standby;
  • Prepare printouts of all the statements in advance.
  • Get all tables ready
  • Long testimonies for Carlos without dinner -> Have it as part of the dinner?
  • Gifts ceremony to plan;
  • Good to have a pre-party the week before;
  • We kept flexible;
  • Timeline: next time explain how it works in public;
  • Gather all markers every day or they get nicked;