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Ideas for Activities and Products leading to the Event

A blog with calendar will track and document everything

The face to face meetings will be structured in roughly three chunks (see agenda)

The virtual element will run over several weeks and engage all staff as well as outside partners etc in self-organized reflection activities and discussions focused on some research topics

See the UN IGF website [1] for an example on how remote participation can be organised and some of the activities that those participating remotely are undertaking. Ranges from organising remote hubs for remote participationlocally, discussion on the major topics, their own facebook page and flickr stream, participation in sessions via webex.

We also want to use this process to involve all staff in documenting and sharing different aspects of ILRI's work

Examples are listed below - We need more!

a quick comparison of 'livestock in the media', 2000 and 2011 (Public Awareness team)

an ILRI timeline where all staff share a few key milestones and/or 'aha' moments; (when they came, when they left, key things they observed in their ILRI lives). We visualize this on a massive scale in the face to face

a 4 page brief on each of the major issues we decide to discuss

short contributions from international experts and former staff/board on what they think the critical livestock challenges/opportunties are, and ILRI's possible tole in these

The Sere Challenge: Make a slide presentation, play, skit, poem, film, etc about/defining in some way Carlos legacy.

Livestock foods recipe book

Photo album: ILRI Over the Years, ILRI People Over the Years, Photo Bloopers

Scrap album: Livestock/ILRI in the Meida over the Years
Sere Gallery: We're lookiing for the best curated 18 images of the Sere Legacy---with captions and rationales
Word Tag Cloud that illustrate Sere legacy (see free, online tool: Wordle)
Definition of an Innovation Platform, Livestock iCloud, etc.
Cartoon of the same
Competition for best livestock story
Competition for best livestock 'side' story
'Cow Effect' animation film (a la 'The Girl Effect')
Livestock photo competition (best pix of zoonosis, innovation platform, etc.)
Best livestock-related tweet
Stock Exchange
Postcard series
Children's drawing competition: What my Daddy or Mommy does at ILRI
Use GapMinder to get some cool graphics made of Mario's SLP data on mixed farming, or Phil's data on climate change and food production or Polly's data on climate change and hunger hotspots
Use cartoon drawing skills in those little teaching videos (Peter knows group who could do this)
Use consultancy group Susan recently found on visualizes data.

More ideas include:
-capturing audio recordings of funny/interesting/useful stories and linking them to photographs in a simple "photofilm" format. Gathoni and Onesmus can get started on this. This can be a buildup of a recent farm project they began, where pictures were already taken.
-get audios from the various FMC's and other "informal" get togethers i.e. marathons, christmas parties, international womens day, etc, where funny and/or interesting quotes and jokes were said both by Carlos and other staff members/guests to do with ILRI, work at ILRI,ILRI culture, etc
-Clare Kemp has some "ilri bloopers" from her various film trips, which would make for an interesting 'behind the scenes' of films taken over the past 10 years.
-A look at the milestones of the past 10 years within ILRI--either a book award,a science award,a great book published,a worldwide recognized project/discovery made(both scientific or otherwise), a race won, a game won, an initiative supported, etc.

    • There are several key awards over the years and these should be highlighted. These include
  1. CGIAR Science Awards (for outstanding communications, outstanding partnerships, outstanding scientist of the year, outstanding young scientist of the year....);
  2. ACE awards for ILRI communication products;
  3. ESRI award to the ILRI GIS team (see [2] ... though the 'more' link [3] leads to a 404 error);
  4. IBLI's Vision 2030 ICT award;
  5. etc. etc.